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IndustryNews360 is a comprehensive online news platform covering infrastructure, engineering, construction and major projects across the world.

We advocate the better you understand your industry, the better you can service your organisation, stakeholders and industry as a whole.

So, we made the platform simple and familiar for you to freely and conveniently stay informed.

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The global era of media is changing. It is demanding more of technology than anything. It is really hard to keep up with all of that hence, a medium is a must. We, IndustryNews360, have been established putting those values before us that offer to enrich the lives of people and keep them up with technology.

IndustryNews360 is the Leading Tech Review News Portal of Nepal that gives the users information, tools, and advice that will help them decide (with Guides and Tech Guides) get the most out of the Tech. Our company is spread across the internet through our various channel which includes the website itself, YoutubeGooglePlusFacebook and Twitter.

Every day, Thousands of people come to IndustryNews360 to:

In today’s world where people abroad are so much aware and have so much more to explore, we are deployed of facilities and Tech environment. That’s what motivated us to come into play. Though we are completely new in concept we aim to provide all the latest tech News and Events and from all over the globe.

Suggestions are always welcomed, we don’t have to say that, do we?



To Find More About GadgetByte, Email us at info[at]industrynews360.com .

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